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Special News:

NEW - Martial Class Version 3.5.2!
Version 3.5.219 of Martial Class™ is now available for download!

Remember: Those already using Martial Class™ early versions from 3.0 to 3.5.2 can upgrade to 3.5.219 for FREE.


NEW - Full Contact Version 2.1.2!
Version 2.1.3 of Full Contact™ is now available for download!


Version 4.0?
Version 4.0 of Martial Class™ is underway!

Exciting new features to look for: Advanced Networking, Internationalization/Localization, multi-platform support! Register your interest with us now.


My brother-in-law will freak out when he sees this program! - Craig Thorne, BlackoutGear.com           I have read through it and the software seems to be way ahead of the rest! from my research on other software, Martial Class seems to be a more complete system, with functions that so many others are lacking. I believe once users of the software go through the necessary steps to setup the software to suit their school (ie the different classes, venues, the various pay options/packages they offer etc), they will find it makes managing and keeping track of their school so much easier...and thats the whole purpose of the software! - Alex           Having trialed a few management systems over the past couple of years for my school, I have found this one to be far superior & easy to control. All my admin, even my juniors, can access it without difficulty. The swipe card & finger print system is so cool everyone wants a go. P.S. Use it! You're mad if you don't. Kenn Blackman Bushido Integrated Martial Arts

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